Obzor – a sunny spot for a family holiday in Bulgaria

Obzor is a small town situated in the middle of the Bulgarian coast

I have very fond memories of Obzor – it was the place where I went for a summer camp when I was around 10. That was my only summer camp ever and indeed full of great memories of my time there.

I visited Obzor again in summer 2016, after about 20 years. This time I wasn’t a child but I brought my small child with me – almost 4 year old Sylvie.

And that’s why I picked this location – it’s relatively small, not too busy or crowed like many other sea resorts in Bulgaria, and family-friendly.

I was looking for a camping site which also offered independent bungalows, that had plenty of green space for the little man to run and play. They also had a small playground and pool.

We rented a small single bungalow and we had a big bed that actually fit all of us. There was our own bathroom and a veranda to sit out. The food could be prepared in the common kitchen. But we did have our own fridge as well and could put something together without using the shared kitchen space. There were plenty of spaces to sit out – a gazebo, some chairs spread on the green, benches, and more.

We found all this to be completely enough for our small family and we had everything we needed to feel comfortable.

The beach in Obzor is spacious and it caters for all groups.

There’s plenty of variety regarding the beach in Obzor – there are free zones, paid zones, bars with tables and bean bags. There’s North and South beach and they are equally reachable and comfortable. They are also guarded by professional life guards.

There are also plenty of coffee shops, cocktail bars, shops and toilets. Also amusements within a walking distance.

I am person who  normally doesn’t want to pay extra for sunbeds and parasols but we did rent some in one of the days. If you want to bring your own stuff, you need to make sure to arrive on the beach early enough so you get a nicer space close to the water.

What to do in Obzor

When you’re not on the beach, Obzor is a lovely place for walks. But it is small enough and we found that after a few evenings, we were slightly bored.

The area around the sea is great and you can walk for quite a long time on the promenade. If you get tired, you can hop on a little train or you can stop by at the numerous restaurants with stunning views. One of the nights we watched a tunder storm in the sea from some bean bags on the beach.

The food

In most of the Bulgarian resorts, all self-respecting restaurants offer fresh local fish and sea delicacies. If you prefer your local food, you can also find beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian, Chinese, Lebanese, and other foreign meals. Make sure to try some of the Bulgarian rakia, wine or beer and feel the local tastes.

The attractions

Obzor is a typical resort with stalls with goods all over the main streets. This isn’t a favourite part of mine because I am a minimalist in my mindset and shopping isn’t a priority. But if you’re looking for some affordable clothes, souvenirs, foods and other stuff – you’ll be satisfied.

In terms of fun, there’s also plenty of it – amusement parks, bouncy castles (Sylvie’s favourite), boats, pony rides, car rides for kids. There is also an open air theatre with live performances.

Drives and walks in the area

We did two of those:

One day we visited the near-by and quiet beach of Irakli, 15 km south from Obzor. This is an area popular with its remoteness and wilderness, where the free spirits of Bulgaria gather up camping for long summer days. Some developers have actually started to build in it, breaking some rules, and in overall damaging the untouched nature appeal of the place. Irakli is actually quite vast with wild forests spreading for vast distances. The road isn’t asphalted and it’s an adventure of itself.

On another day we visited Nessebar, about 40 km south from Obzor. Nessebar is an old port and town, famous for its ruins of  forts, churches and other buildings from Greek and Roman times. The old town offers attractions, traditional craft stores and local fresh food. You can hop on a boat and check out the vibrant resort of Sunny Beach and its night life. The new town offers huge amount of accommodation opportunities and attractions itself.

Nesebar is much busier with diverse tourist nationalities, but also lots more to see, explore and experience.

Overall evaluation of Obzor and the area

We spent 5 nights there but we could’ve stayed longer. We were very pleased with our accommodation, the camp site Zora (Dawn). It was spacious, comfortable and affordable.

I wasn’t that impressed with the town of Obzor – mainly shopping stalls and amusements. But I’m simply not that type of person and if you’re into it, you’ll be probably happy. Food was good and cheap too. And most important, little man was happy with all the things to do.

The area is diverse and I enjoyed our day trips. I am an explorer type with an affinity to alternative, non mainstream locations like Irakli. But I also love the culture and traditions of our old towns like Nesebar.

Obzor was the perfect choice for our small family with a small child. But for not more than a week – I get the itchy feet at that stage!

What is your favourite part of the journey, share your story:


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