Initiation and synchronicity

All good things in life happen through synchronicity.

Things just happen to align for you in a way that 1.) you’ve never thought about or suspected, and 2.) you haven’t orchestrated yourself. That means that very often the doors open for us through other people, without our planning or even knowing sometimes.

To explain this, I’ll share my own experience and how this blog came in existence.

By nature I love travel and I love writing. So travel writing came into my mind at some stage of my life but I was quickly discouraged by the success of other writers. I didn’t believe I could be someone doing my favourite things and get paid for it as a regular work. I though to myself, How lucky do you need to be? I didn’t think I was lucky…

Fast forward 4-5 years and my best friend Annie started sharing some interesting links with me via Facebook. This time I said, Yes, I could try this!

I wrote a piece for a local newspaper’s travel writers competition.

As of now I’m still waiting for the results to come out and I’m praying with all my heart that I will be included in the shortlist of 10 participants.

But that wasn’t all. Another thing came up through my friend (my guardian angel on earth) and I followed through. I wrote an article for and it got published on Travelicious website. I will tell you the full story about that later but one of their requirements was to set up your own blog – hence Minimal Mama Travels.

This happened around the time when the idea of traveling across Europe was also crossing my mind. So I said to myself, Heck, what is it to loose? 

This is my chance to travel and write about it, and I also have a platform to share the experience (+ the possibility to get my articles published).

It’s a win-win situation for all!

And remember the main idea – I didn’t orchestrate any of this by myself. It happened without me controlling any outcome, which is also a way of saying that it is divinely guided. In other words:

It’s totally the right to do!

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