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Hey there!

This blog was created and is to be the main space where I will be posting my experiences during travelling.

A little bit about myself:

Right now in my life I am on a crossroad, and not for a first time. In 2012 I went through lots of personal changes – I lost my job, I got pregnant, I moved town, and I started living with my partner Lewis. Four years later we need to move again. Since January 2016 we’ve been contemplating different options and possibilities. Due to multiple reasons (which I will be discussing separately) we decided to embark on a cross-continent journey through Europe.

In this blog you will read about this journey mainly – the details around how the idea came up, the planing of the the journey, and the travels through the continent.

I hope you find it entertaining and also inspired to embark on your own dream journey.

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Vilina aka Minimal Mama

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